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Rooted Robotics.

Affordable Automation & Consultation

for Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Rooted Robotics was founded

to accelerate the adoption of controlled environment agriculture through cost-effective automation and machine learning, democratizing indoor farming for farms of every size and stage.


Our Services


Operational Optimization
Facility Design Services



Equipment Sales

Tabletop Microgreen Seeder
Bandsaw Harvester
Grow Tray & NFT Channel Cleaner

Custom Solutions

Ground-Up Automation Design
Engineered Solutions for Existing Automation Lines
Tailored AI Driven Data Collection and Management

Our Approach


Reliable Simplicity & Upgradeability

In an industry riddled with oversized and overpriced automation equipment, we rethink the automation process from the ground up. At Rooted Robotics, every system is designed with simplicity and reliability at the forefront, allowing operators to boost productivity and profitability while our machines work alongside them. We understand that simplicity in user experience stems from a lack of complexity in design. The simpler a machine, the more reliable and safe it is for our farmers. Additionally, our equipment is designed to be upgradable, enabling increased production capacity without the need to invest in a completely new machine. Simple designs also streamline manufacturing, reducing production costs and ultimately benefiting our customers.


Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Our expertise in designing cutting-edge machine vision systems enables precise monitoring and management of crops. These smart solutions enhance quality control, optimize harvesting, and ensure consistent produce grading. By adopting our machine vision capabilities, farms can significantly improve accuracy and efficiency in how their crops are monitored, leading to better yield prediction and demand planning with highly reliable, holistic data.


Advanced Manufacturing

We have partnered with several industry pioneers to ensure our technology remains cutting-edge, affordable, and easy to maintain. By integrating future-forward technologies, we stay ahead of the curve and eliminate the unnecessary costs associated with outdated manufacturing practices.


Strategic Partnerships

We have partnered with several industry leaders to form a network of service providers that help existing farms improve their production and new farms set up indoor growing environments that are built to last. Industry leading lighting, grow systems, nutrient and environmental controls are just the tip of the iceberg. With our partners, we are set up to provide the best farm and automation designs to all customers, whatever their needs.

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